Imagine buying a new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, only to never drive it past second gear. At least you would still look cool parking out front of nice restaurants and you wouldn’t need a second mortgage to pay speeding fines…right? But would you be using its best features to the fullest potential? Certainly not. I think we can all agree that this would constitute a bad investment. Chances are, the cost of ownership along with low satisfaction in return would start to wear thin and you would be forced to sell the car to someone at a significant discount. If you think this example seems ridiculously simple, it’s because it is. Amazingly, many employers lose sight of the big picture and unwittingly treat employees in that very manner. Worse yet, cars do not have the ability to feel under-utilized and sell themselves. Employees do. We offer many solutions to prevent and/or combat this. Every project we collaborate on is different, but they all have the same foundation: Specific objectives, strategic maximization of educational delivery and learning, measurement of progress against metrics that really matter (performance, sales, costs, profit, turnover, etc…), right through delivery of excellence and satisfaction throughout all levels of your organization.


Our mission is simple: Your success. It literally is how we make a living.Prior to founding Real World Metrics, my 15 year career in the field of commercial aircraft technical operations (one of the most heavily regulated sectors on the planet with regards to training) offered me a great many vantage points as to which educational approaches worked, and which did not. Always remaining aware of influences in one area of responsibility while transitioning to another has allowed me to experience firsthand, the fluidity of an entire corporation and the significant shift in outcomes resultant from any single group’s actions. When I began freelancing as a technical instructor, my students (from many different organizations) would talk about the same recurring organizational challenges and frustrations I had experienced in a hands-on capacity early on in my career. In search for a solution, I decided to take opportunities in every technical session to highlight those very issues, explain their overall effect with specific attention paid to “what’s in it for them”, and prescribe practical solutions based on experience. To be honest, the results were overwhelming. The employees would be at full attention, scribbling notes and probing for more.

Needless to say, management also appreciated the approach. I still receive compliments to this day in regards to the added value attributed to it. That is the very foundation that our firm was built on. Well, OK that plus a lot of hard work and a few hundred pounds of espresso.

Our mission is simple: Your success. It literally is how we make a living. We do not believe in nickel-and-diming our partners (we don’t like the term “client”) with hourly and daily fees for our services and the expenses we incur for those days. Not only does it waste our time and yours to track, but where is our incentive to finish a project on time? In fact, we don’t believe in fees at all. We are compensated based on what you are to gain from our services. It really is an investment in success.

Our promise is equally as simple: Honesty, focus, and win-win outcomes. We will never do work that is not clearly in the best interests of our partners. If we present you a graph, it better mean something practical (hence our name). We are not always subscribers to conventional wisdom; if it worked all the time your company would probably have a conventional wisdom department, and mine would cease to exist.

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Richie Moffitt
Founder & President